Friday, November 11, 2016

Thoughts | Presidential Election 2016 & Aftermath

Today is November 11, the third day after the 2016 presidental elections.

My initial thoughts on the morning of November 9 were:
Well Christians, it looks as though America voted in Trump (“the lesser of two evils”) even without the “self-righteous” voters like myself who voted for neither top candidate. Whether this is mercy amidst judgment or further judgment to come, let us remember that we promoted 2 Chronicles 7:14 and now have the responsibility to live it out in obedience to the One who is worthy to receive glory and honor and power.
These comments were directed toward Christians because (1) I am a Christian, (2) it was from Christians that the phrases "the lesser of two evils" and "self-righteous" (to toward those who would vote third party) were used, (3) by the promoting of Trump (whether him personally or for the platform he stands for) Christians will be responsible to hold him accountable, and (4) as Christians we are bound first to God and must therefore adhere to our quoted verse (2 Chronicles 7:14) while being obedient to the whole of God's Word.

Since the election we have seen the outcry of disagreement from many. There is no doubt that there would have likewise been an outcry had Clinton won. We have the freedom of election and we have the freedom of voice, and every American citizen should have spoken by personal vote and can now speak concerning the outcome of the populace vote. 

However, I do not understand why some college classes (deemed "higher education") feel as though they needed to cancel classes due to an election. Should all of America shut down the day after the election so that families can gather around to cheer or mourn for their candidate? Were classes canceled in the history of our nation when other candidates have won or lost the presidential election? Have we become a country or people where we cannot accept that we did not win or our candidate did not win? What happened to the cry of "tolerance" and "coming together" after the election? Is it not still relevant? 

I saw a tweet that I would like to share here:
I hope Donald Trump is a good president. Wanting him to fail, is like wanting the pilot to crash the plane that we ALL are on. REMEMBER THAT -- @ClipperKyle
This speaks volumes. Regardless of whether one voted for Clinton, Trump, third party, or not at all, this tweet should remind us that the choices Trump makes will affect us all, so why would not all of us pray and desire for Trump to be a godly, moral President? Again, we have free speech to share why or where we disagree with the vote or even Trump, but what is rioting (the harm and destruction brought upon people and property) in the streets doing to help America or one another? It shows that each of us must first examine ourselves, to ensure we are not merely hypocritically judging Trump (or others) by the same sins we carry deep within our own hearts. 

Its called repentance, and we as Christians and Americans need it.
May God show mercy and grace to a people and a nation worthy of his wrath and judgment.