Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Praying for the 'Other Side'

On the morning after the election (if one had not stayed up to see the results), many surely came to realize the ‘other side’ (meaning the opposing person, party, ideals, etc.) had won. Whether for a political office, amendment, proposal, or other ballot choices, their vote was overruled by the votes of others. We won and they lost, or we lost and they won. So, what do we do now?

What is one to do if they found themselves on the ‘losing’ side of Election Day? Should they merely go back to their private, personal lives, and wait till the next 40 Days of Prayer for 2016? Refuse to do their part and spend all their time speaking ill of those who ‘won’? God forbid.

What about those who have found their candidate to remain in office or their views having been passed on the ballots, should they merely gloat about their ‘win’ and look down upon those who disagreed? Should they now refuse to join hands with those who opposed them, and claim rights or superiority over those who ‘lost’? God forbid.

If you are a biblical Christian and realize the direction our nation is going (and has been going for more than the recent four years), it is past high time for us to get off our lazy high-mindedness and do something about it! We cannot expect God to change and bless our nation, if we refuse to repent ourselves and live out a godly life in total obedience to him. [n] If we desire to see God lift the hand of judgment from our nation, we need to stand by our morals and show the world we are not merely hypocrites only giving God lip service when it is convenient and we want our way!

If we find ourselves at odds with the ideals and plans of those elected, there is still something we can and should be (and should have been) doing! We should be praying for the ‘other side’. [n] Not that they would do what we want them to do, but that they would be used of God for the sake of our nation, and that he would enlighten them to the biblical teachings of scripture. That he would use them to keep religious freedom (not freedom from religion) in America, and hold back the moral decay we see so prevalent today. We cannot simply have the childish mindset of “I’m taking my marbles and going home.”

We must pray, read, be involved, and share the gospel message of Jesus Christ even more!
Pray for our leaders - for they are our nation's leaders - and beg God to use them for his glory!

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