Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sex Ed too hot for TV but okay for middle school?

In today’s society, I don’t think that anyone would deny the heavy promoted idea that “sex sells”. We see it in commercials, on billboards, and throughout television and movies. More recently, there seems to be this great push to get it into our school systems as well. And, I’m not talking about college. We are talking about middle school, children that aren’t even teenagers yet! [n]
According to the [article], “Hundreds of Houston-area parents are outraged over a new sex education program that teaches 12-year-old children about oral, anal and vaginal sex – and uses graphic curriculum to instruct students on how to use condoms.”
I realize some persons will argue that – [“We have to give them that info,” one parent told the television station. “They need to be aware as much as it may hurt us, but they need to be aware.”] – but the WE should be the PARENTS, and not the government, school system, or other outside-the-family sources; especially, with material that “was so graphic that a Houston television station was unable to air footage from the curriculum.”
How can we expect our children (and America) to flee fornication [n] and to desire purity [n], if we are broadcasting sexual material into their developing imaginations? How shall we plead with them to flee youthful lusts and follow righteousness [n], when we are tempting them with sin to their very senses? We have ratings for television and movies – even fines and penalties for those who allow inappropriate material during times children will be watching – yet now we want to incorporate such material into our children’s learning. God help us!
Safeguard your children from what is wrong, instruct them in what is right, and do not allow the government, schools, or the worldly minded to corrupt their little minds with unrighteous imagery or thoughts. Renew their minds in God [n] by the use of scripture and godly wisdom.

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